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We are currently not baking any treats due to personal circumstances. We will be back soon! Our accessories are still available for purchase though :-)

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Our Promise

Rewarding your dog has never been healthier

Our treats are completely natural and only contain human-grade ingredients. We do not use food coloring to make them look "pretty". They only contain ingredients that serve a purpose for the dogs health, no additives or flavor enhancers.

Happy Dog, Happy Day

There are so many dogs these days with illnesses and allergies. The same as for humans, we believe it is due to an unhealthy diet. Most dog food contains a lot of “bad stuff” and the training treats are the worst. By giving my dog (& others) healthy training treats & snacks, hopefully less dogs will get ill & have the chance to become healthier again.

We try to be as good to the environment as we can be. Therefore our treats are mostly vegetarian or vegan. In the long-run we aim to have our packaging free from plastic and hope to make shipping as sustainable as possible.

Get to know Baking Paws

I am Jil & my dog's name is Mila. I launched this startup in early 2021 to provide better, healthier training treats for dogs. It's a passion project of mine. After getting a dog in summer 2020, I noticed that dog treats contained a lot of additives and unhealthy ingredients. But, I needed treats to train my puppy. The options that I found were limited. Then I decided I will bake treats myself.

Treats with Magnetic Effect

Only after several weeks of baking treats did I notice that dogs in the park and in the forests were very intrigued by the treats in my pocket. The key moment was when I had 5 random dogs sitting in a circle in front of me in the middle of the forest "begging" me for treats. It was one of those lightbulb moments. I decided to start baking for others as well. First only for friends but now, this is a real business. I still cannot believe it. I am baking it all by hand, by myself in my kitchen at home. So we go with perfectly imperfect when it comes to "looks".