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Eggs & Egg Shell

Boiled, fried, scrabbled or poached... Eggs! ūüć≥

Most humans love them! But what is the best way for a dog to eat eggs? That depends of the reason why you feed your dog eggs.

For dogs to extract vitamins from the yolk, the egg should be split into yolk and whites, as in combination the whites can prevent the absorption of vitamins contained in the yolk. Yolks are best offered raw. Egg whites are best offered cooked for your dog to be able to absorb all the nutrients from it.

If you want your dog to gain some more protein, a whole egg raw is the best option.

Feed it with the shell. Why?

  1. The shell adds another dimension to your dogs eating experience - your dog needs to break the egg or lick out the egg from a small hole in the shell. It adds a nice crunch to the meal. 
  2. Eggshells are packed with calcium and phosphorus. They have many benefits...

Benefits of the eggshell:

Fighting Joint Pain & Arthritis:

The thin membrane on the inside of the eggshell contains the most nutrients for your dog. It contains glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and collagen. In that combination it is the perfect weapon against arthritis and help against joint pain.

Healthy Teeth:

Due to the high amount of calcium contained in eggshells. Around 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the time they reach 3 years of age. This can be painful for canines. Adequate calcium intake can help prevent this.

Getting Those Amino Acids:

Dogs require a total of 10 amino acids to stay happy and healthy. 8 of these can be found in chicken eggshells. Amino acids are required and even essential for all manners of bodily processes. 


  • Dogs with high blood pressure benefit from the high dose of Arginine, in eggshells.
  • Elderly dogs benefit from Leucine, which can help slow down the rate of muscle wastage.
  • Dogs with diabetes can use the Lysine¬†to help regulate blood sugar.¬†

Boosting The Immune System:

Vitamin E and Magnesium found in eggshell contribute positive to a healthy immune system for your dog. 

Reduce Inflammation & Heal Wounds:

Avian eggshells possess anti-inflammatory properties whereas chicken eggshells are a medicinal source to promote healing of wounds. 

Bone Feeding Replacement:

If your dog cannot eat bones (for whatever reason), feeding eggshells can be a great alternative as it contains many of the same nutrients. 


Feeding Suggestion: 

Feed cooked egg white and shell one day and keep the raw egg yolk until the next day and offer it then. 

Rule of thumb - per 10kg body weight, 1 egg per week (so if your dog weighs 20kg, they can eat 2 whole eggs per week)